Leicester Guest Houses

Leicester is one of the ten largest cities in the UK and offers a healthy exuberance and vitality that may be due to its 20,000 plus student population who mostly attend Leicester University, it is also recognised as being a manufacturing centre with textiles and clothing leading the way. It attracts many visitors to its doors for its lively yearly calendar hosting carnivals and festivals, for its lively trading place and business centres and consequently its offers its visitors a vast selection of Leicester Guest Houses that are designed to suit all tastes and budgets.

The city is distinguished as being the first ''Environment City'' in the UK home to more than 3000 acres of park land throughout the city. The city boasts a diverse cultural mix since the late seventeenth century Leicester has been in the midst of the hosiery trade which attracted hundreds of Asian immigrants to the area in the 1950's and 1960's and today more than one third of the population is Asian.

It is a wonderfully festive city and hosts the second largest street festival in the country held every August which reflects the rich cultural history of the large Afro Caribbean population. The Jain Centre is something completely unique and devoted to the Jains, a long time religious sect that focuses an extreme reverence to all living things, a traditional custom that includes wearing a gauze mask to avoid inhaling passing insects, the centre houses one of the few Jain temples in Western Europe.

The Leicester Museum and Art Gallery houses a collection of mummies brought back in the 1880's by Thomas cook, recognised as a nineteenth century travel mogul. The Gallery is also home to the UK's largest collection of works by German expressionists. To indulge the mind body and soul into the Indian ambience it is best to head towards Belgrave, known as the Golden Mile, this is lined with Indian shops, and has the largest sari shop outside India; it is chock a bloc with spice shops and lots of Indian restaurants.

Leicester has a few important firsts, Beethoven first played his music here and the BBC first radio station was based in Leicester and was the home of George Dorsey who is better known to the world as Engelbert Humperdinck. There is much to attract the visitor for work and for play and the Leicester Guest Houses provide for all needs for business and pleasure. They are found throughout the length and breadth of the city and may be found edging one of the many parks or found city center near to shops and business hubs.

Regardless of culture warm welcomes are assured and guests at Leicester Guest Houses may be greeted in their own tongues if that is preferred and interiors may be dressed to suit cultural preferences, exteriors however are still very much historic and may offer Victorian, Georgian, Tudor and including more modern descriptions. Family accommodations offer connecting rooms high chairs and cribs whilst business executives are provides with dedicated areas for working hosting high speed internet access; direct dial phone and fax line. Master bedrooms are comfortable provided with king size beds and flanked by en suite bathrooms.

Grand Leicester Guest Houses overlook the beautiful parks and offer opulent design and luxurious comforts, these may be the choice of the honeymoon couples and VIP's presenting deluxe accommodations and wonderful views. Boutique dining rooms host select menus crafted by resident chefs from seasonal produce and companioned with vintage wines. Drawing rooms offer relaxing and honesty bars and the mornings are welcomed with hearty English breakfast or continental breakfasts in traditional dining rooms. Leicester Guest Houses welcome all and provide a wonderful platform from which to enjoy this fascinating city.